The key to a successful career is being flexible with your skills

The program is focused on tailored training & career boost sessions for young professionals & entrepreneurs. We help gaining confidence and developing essential skills. We offer tools required in the early stages of a career, when changing an industry, launching a business, or after career breaks.

Our aim is to help strengthening the below main areas:

After completing assessments and courses all candidates:

  • Will have some impressive and in-demand skills added to their CVs
  • Will know their skills, strengths, and will have their professional bio updated
  • Will gain confidence in Communication for achieving goals
  • Will know how to set and reach goals using a goal planner
  • Will know which sector and job roles are ideal for them
  • Will have their personal brand improved
  • Will have their Business English advanced
  • Will get confidence in using latest technologies


Who can join the program:

  • Professionals looking to advance their career
  • Entrepreneurs launching their business
  • Professionals re-entering from career breaks
  • Young professionals looking for international experience
  • University students & Recent graduates


  • English language minimum A2 or B1 (based on a course)
  • Willing to invest time in learning new skills (for courses)
  • Good learning ability
  • University degree


  • Age 25-35 (young professionals, career breaks, industry change)
  • Age 20-25 (university students and graduates)
  • 6 months minimum of work experience in a professional environment (on site or remotely)
  • Leadership activities during studies or during work experience


  • Group size is max. 12 participants
  • From single assessment sessions to 1-2-3 months courses
  • Courses contain weekly coaching sessions of 1-2 hour each, with practical sessions
  • Participants of courses get access to job opportunities, individual tailored consultations, Young Leader community
  • All courses are Certified, single assessment sessions include a detailed report on each person’s strengths, plus career suggestions

Thanks to our leading trainers and partners with 15 -20 years of experience of coaching or being business leaders, successful candidates will be able to add some impressive and in-demand skills to their CV.

To learn more about how the skills evaluation can help your Career, our assessments, courses and job opportunities



  • Self awareness – how knowing your strengths can help you with building confidence
  • Growth mindset – motivational talk from a C-level executive
  • Coaching session. Different communication styles & how to adapt your style to communicate more effectively
  • Business English. Verbal, presentations, small talks, introducing yourself professionally
  • Business English. Email communication. Writing Effective Business Emails.


  • Strength report analysis. Practical guidance on using strength report for improving your professional profile
  • Developing confidence for presenting yourself
  • Coaching session. Interpersonal skills – Active listening; Being able to understand and empathize with others; Building lasting relationships; Teamwork.
  • Personal Brand on LinkedIn. Profile assessment tools, practical exercises.
  • Goal planner coaching session. Realised and Unrealised personal strengths to set and reach your goals

All topics are subject to minor changes


This course is tailored for young business professionals and entrepreneurs who seek to improve their English language skills, with a focus on effective communication in critical business areas. The participants will include individuals from various industries and roles, all looking to boost their confidence in using English to advance their careers.

Course Overview: The nine-webinar series will cover essential aspects of English language use in a business environment such as but not limited to:

  • Business Correspondence: Writing effective emails, reports, and proposals.
  • Presentation Skills: Delivering compelling and impactful business presentations.
  • Business Vocabulary and Terminology: Building a robust business vocabulary for enhanced communication.
  • Negotiation and Persuasion: Developing language skills for successful negotiations and persuasion.
  • Cross-Cultural Communication: Understanding and navigating cultural nuances in business interactions.
  • Networking and Professional Etiquette: Communicating effectively in networking events and maintaining professional etiquette.
    • Language requirements – min level A2. We recommend using this test for checking your level of English.
    • Start date – February 2024
    • Duration – 5 weeks
    • Schedule – Tuesdays & Thursdays 13:00 London time
  • Advance your MS Office skills
  • e-Commerce management and its role for businesses
  • Data analytics, marketing campaigns, CRM
  • AI; Content generation with ChatGPT, Design Apps
  • SEO, web development, automation
  • Social Media & email marketing, SEM

All topics are subject to minor changes


29 JANUARY – 23 MARCH. Time displayed – UK, LONDON. Central European Time +1 hour

  • 18:00 PM on Mon, 29 January, 2024 – 60mins
  • 10:00 AM on Sat, 03 February, 2024 – 90mins
  • 10:00 AM on Sat, 10 February, 2024 – 90mins
  • 10:00 AM on Sat, 17 February, 2024 – 90mins
  • 18:00 PM on Tue, 20 February, 2024 – 60mins
  • 10:00 AM on Sat, 24 February, 2024 – 90mins
  • 10:00 AM on Sat, 02 March, 2024 – 90mins
  • 10:00 AM on Sat, 09 March, 2024 – 90mins
  • 10:00 AM on Sat, 16 March, 2024 – 90 mins
  • 10:00 AM on Sat, 23 March, 2024 – 90 mins

On request individual and mini-group sessions on Tuesdays – 6, 13 & 27 February; 5 March.



  • Strength assessment. How knowing your strengths can help you with your career choice and building confidence at work.
  • Coaching session on using self-awareness and unlocking your potent
  • LinkedIn Profile. Your professional profile assessment & improvement, practical tools
  • Leaders Talks from CEOs and Business Owners
  • Certificate of Completion to add to your qualifications along with new impressive and in-demand skills
  • Access to individual and small group consultations (when required)
  1. All participants are required to have a minimum B1 English knowledge. At the time of booking the program you will be asked to confirm it. We recommend using this test for checking your level of English.
  2. If your level of English is lower than B1 you can book a demo class and in-depth assessment with our native speaker English tutor.
  3. You will be asked to submit your LinkedIn profile link at the time of booking.
  4. After you booked the program, you will receive an email from us to arrange an introductory call before the program starts.

If you have any questions, please get in touch at [email protected]

To join the Connectalents, please use this LINK


Leaders First and its network of partners have launched a grant programme which offer a financial support to help young people to get into training and employment.

Priority is given to those who can demonstrate the reasons for funding (unemployed graduates, single parents, and other reasons).

Grants will be given to those who have demonstrated exceptional learning skills during the courses.

Grants are provided at the end of each learning course. Successful candidates receive a refund of the full fees paid for each course.


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