What is Leaders First?

Leaders First is an educational organisation with the mission to empower, inspire and connect leaders globally.

We develop learning programs which help young professionals to learn and connect with business leaders and industry experts.

Where do you operate?

Our international presence includes locations like UK, Italy, rest of Europe, and USA.

Who is in the Community of Leaders First?

Our Community includes top managers and entrepreneurs, emerging leaders, young professionals and recent graduates.

Who are your Club members?

Our Club members join the Club by invitation only. They are senior managers and business owners, who would like to share their unique expertise with young professionals and exchange ideas with fellow leaders.

Is Leaders First open to everyone?

Yes, anyone can apply to join online learning programmes, free and paid webinars, and in-person events.

To join the Club, your application requires an introduction by an existing member followed by an approval.

Why to join CONNECTALENTS programs?
  • To add some impressive and in-demand skills to your CV & LinkedIn
  • To get inspired and learn from global CEOs and founders
  • To get ready and confident for a career in leadership positions
  • To improve your business communication skills
  • To know your strengths, and will practice how to use them
  • To know which tasks and job roles are ideal for your talent
Who can join CONNECTALENTS programs?

Connectalents Online programs
Young professionals, Professionals re-entering from career breaks, University students & recent graduates with a minimum of 6 month work experience.
English level knowledge is applicable.

How much are CONNECTALENTS programs?

Our ConnecTalents program costs 175 euros per module, and each module is approx. 2 months long.