Content Strategy on LinkedIn

Feb 23, 2022 - Online Masterclass

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    • Online Masterclass
    • Feb 23, 2022

Content Strategy on LinkedIn


  Feb 23, 2022

   Online Masterclass

Content & Posting on LinkedIn

There are many things that we can do on LinkedIn to raise our profile and visibility. Many can (and should) happen in the background but some need to be very visible – one of those is posting on LinkedIn and the type of content and how we go about that is important if it is going to deliver the results you want.


Start time 17:30 GMT | 19:00 GMT. Duration 1,5 hrs – interactive.

We will be looking at the options that we have on LinkedIn and trying to evaluate content strategy on the basis of the 5Cs format looking at:

  • Content: what mix of topics should we be considering
  • Consistency: how often should we be publishing
  • Creative: formats of posts differ so what form should they take
  • Conversation: what should we be aiming for in terms of dialogue and engagement
  • Call to Action: what do we want our readers to do


Mark from Leaders First

Mark is a UK based LinkedIn expert with over 12 years of experience in using LinkedIn to better achieve business goals – from business development to more targeted marketing. He is very focused on the results and has a background in international sales and marketing.