Impact Leaders

Apr 26, 2022 - London, UK

    • event
    • Milan, Italy
    • Mar 29, 2022

Impact Leaders


  Apr 26, 2022

  London, UK

Leadership Development should be accessible for any professional at any stage of their career.

Since launching Leaders First we have helped thousands of senior managers and business owners to strengthen their skills and develop their businesses. In order to solve complex issues in volatile environments, emerging leaders will require new sets of leadership skills. It is also important for any future leader to have a clear vision of ESGs factors (environmental, social, and governance standards). 

On the 29th of March, we invite our community to join our Impact Leaders dinner & networking event in Milan.

It will be an opportunity to discuss how each of us can have a real impact on the development of emerging leaders, as well as the importance of ESG to any forward-thinking leader. We will also announce our new Emerging Leaders Programme which is focused on essential knowledge and skills required for the next generation of leaders.