Leadership Retreat

May 5, 2023 - Bologna, Italy

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    • Bologna, Italy
    • May 5, 2023

Leadership Retreat


  May 5, 2023

  Bologna, Italy

Leadership Retreat is a transformational expereince which includes an immersive experience in a beautiful location and activities to relax, refresh and re-skill.

This retreat is a great way to step back from your business or work environment for a new perspective, learn from experts and other entrepreneurs & professionals, and just refresh your brain. An off-site learning experience has a handful of benefits – when you change your environment you never really know what’s going to trigger a new idea. We create an environment where our participants learn and practice new skills which they then bring back to their daily business processes.

During this 1-day retreat at the Lamborghini Factory & Museum, near Bologna, we will focus on learning from the world’s leading innovator and disruptor. Visiting the production lines is a unique journey to witness the birth of Lamborghini’s super sports cars. The guided tour starting from the Lamborghini Museum make the visit an unforgettable experience for discovering the company’s most surprising and technological places.


Friday, May 5

  • 13:00 Private Guided Tour to Lamborghini Factory & Museum 
  • 15:45 Private Group Lunch with conversations on Innovation & Leadership
  • 17:30 Wine tasting at the local winery (Optional)

Transfers and accommodation are available on request.