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Jun 16, 2020 - Online Masterclass

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    • Online Masterclass
    • Jun 16, 2020

Voice Lab


  Jun 16, 2020

  Online Masterclass

In these uncertain times, many of us have lost the opportunity of face-to-face meetings because our work has moved completely online. Communicating this way can give rise to our fears, insecurities, and inabilities that come through our voices and delivery. Our speaker has created a unique course for you based on her years of professional training and acting for film and theatre, as well as producing. She will help you learn how to transform your fear into excitement and make the new reality of online presentations an enjoyable experience.

Training Aims

In this Masterclass, you will ready yourself for video presentations, video interviews and podcasts, public speaking in front of a camera, and board meetings. You will learn the tricks and techniques actors use to prepare their bodies and minds for easy delivery. You will practice simple but powerful voice techniques that you can take away as everyday tools for your professional growth. And you will learn how to work with your presentation material to bring it life. In short, our Masterclass will familiarize you with your voice and equip you with tools to improve your public speaking.


  • How to work with the camera and avoid common mistakes
  • How to prepare yourself for your important speech
  • Meeting your own voice
  • Vocal warm-up techniques: Breath, Relaxation, Resonators, & Articulation
  • Script and text analysis. Bring it to life!
  • Q&A


Ksenia Boisvert 

Actress, Producer 

Ksenia started acting in Latvia as a child and moved to Moscow where she graduated from one of the world’s best theatre schools at Maly Theatre. She successfully has played in more than 50 theatre shows throughout her career. Being an artist and adventure-seeker, Ksenia wasn’t content so she moved to Los Angeles 2 years ago to expand her career. She has since acted in immersive theatre productions, films, music videos, and commercials. She recently began producing, as well, and is now producing two films and a documentary. Ksenia’s dedication to her acting craft, international business know-how, and life experience make her unique and unparalleled in her profession.