Impact Leaders (Luxembourg) – Key Takaways

On May 16, 2022, in Luxembourg, Leaders First hosted Impact Leaders event. Below are the key topics discussed over the course of the event.

The inspiring talk was opened by Leaders First founder Fabrizio Nicolosi, who introduced the keynote speaker Oriane Schoonbroodt.

Oriane is a Director, Strategy& PwC Luxembourg, providing thought leadership and C-suite strategy advice on sustainable finance and ESG strategy for clients in financial services, corporations, SME’s and the public sector across the PwC network.

Oriane was skilfully interviewed by Leaders First ambassador Renato del Grosso.

The talk by the speaker started with covering the ESG criteria for the investments, the role of sustainability report in the corporate strategy; and the importance of highlighting projects which a company can effectively achieve.

Oriane pointed out at the complexity of the measurement of sustainability generated by ESG projects and the need to better define the difference among a complex terminology of ESG.

An interesting fact is that ESG is perceived in a different ways and it is based on a country, or jurisdiction.

There is also a noticeably changing landscape for ESG in terms of framework between EU, USA and UK.

At the end Oriane highlighted the importance for SME to apply ESG and to measure the results.

We would like to thank Oriane Schoonbroodt, Renato del Grosso, as we add all our members who traveled from Italy, UK and Switzerland to join us in Luxembourg!

And thank you to Trendico company for bringing delicious Italian gourmet food to make the event catering to stand out.

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