Sustainable Lifestyle talk at Urban Retreat

On May 18th, in London, Leaders First organised a Sustainable Lifestyle talk as part of the Urban Retreat. The half day retreat took place at Gazelli, stylish wellbeing townhouse in the heart of Chelsea – a location to lose yourself in.

Prior to the talk, local and international guests, enjoyed networking in relaxing atmosphere, tasting experience of gourmet Italian food from Trendico, shopping of sustainable brands Deploy and Quoise, as well as mini-treatments from Gazelli spa house.

It is well known that fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world, and Leaders First invited the founders of brands, committed to creating sustainable clothes and accessories, to tell us about the benefits of using reused materials.

Hosted by brilliant journalist  Antonella Zangaro, the talk started from the story by Stefano Lanzi, co-Founder of Quoise, the Italian start-up which makes its contribution to free the sea from waste. The idea was born in 2021, when a group of six Italian friends with different professional experiences, during the lockdown, decided to transform that phase of uncertainty into a moment of great creativity and to give life to an eyewear brand, made of 100% recycled material.

Another story, told by Tosin Trim, the production director of Deploy. British sustainable clothing brand, founded in London in 2006, has established itself as one of the most committed brands in the creation of sustainable fashion garments among the most appreciated internationally. A true pioneer of circular fashion, creating sustainable style for a smarter future.

The topics discussed during the talk included the level of industrial fast fashion, and that cutting waste does not mean cutting profits or growth. By investing in research and production of sustainable materials companies can develop a real alternative to waste, respecting the environment. All this can be done, without sacrificing the elegance and true values of Made in UK or Made in Italy brands.

For more details on the talk, Italian speakers can read the Luxury & Finance magazine article “More creativity and less fabric” by Antonella Zangaro.

We would like to thank all guests, speakers and brands who joined us for this ed-talk last week in London! Full article on the Urban Retreat and photo gallery will follow.