Impact Leaders (Milan): Key Event Takeaways.

On March 29th, Premium Members of Leaders First and their special guests were invited for a dinner talk on the importance of ESG for any forward-thinking leader. The event started with a key message from Leaders First founder Fabrizio Nicolosi, who presented the new Impact Leadership program and the launch of the Business English Academy of Leaders First.

The debate on ESG was opened by brilliant speaker Marianna Vintiadis – CEO at 36Brains.

The dinner has shed light on the importance of integrating ESG criteria into investment decisions without however falling into the notion of greenwashing.

The speaker mentioned the importance for Italian and European SMEs of integrating rigid governance environmental and social practices along with their daily operations and leveraging globalization to build on multinationals’ responsible approach. Multiple questions have been asked, among which: how do we become more sustainably responsible if ESG policies limit our capacity of obtaining the means to start a corporate sustainable transition.

Should we be rethinking business models by including sustainability and inclusiveness? Who is going to measure this and how? Will enthusiasm give way to skepticism as financial markets step in to help us buy ourselves out of difficult choices?

Our members shared their opinions, working in small groups too, and thanks to the inspiring talk by Marianna will be able to reflect on the latter point in their professional and personal life.

Leaders First would like to thank our community of Premium Members and Ambassadors from Milan and Rome for attending the event. We also would like to thank the speaker Marianna Vintiadis for her contribution to the success of the event.

We look forward to our next Impact Leaders event on the 26 of April in London. To join, please visit the event page HERE.